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The creator

Marcel Beirer

Hi, my name is Marcel Beirer and I am the founder of MARCEL RIVER.

From a young age, I have been fascinated by how something unique can be created from a blank sheet of paper and a pen. This is also how I found my passion for art.

Inspired by the American lifestyle and its music.

Music has a big influence in my life, it clears my thinking. It all started when I first came into contact with artists like Myles Kennedy, Slash or Lana Del Ray. Their music, their way, their style were something extraordinary for me, and they still are.

All of this sparked an interest in me to create and found my own brand with my own style. Everything is handmade with great enthusiasm and passion - from the printing of the T-shirts to the rings.

Thanks to my first customers, who believe in me, I am able to keep improving and give free rein to creativity.

Once upon a time, MARCEL RIVER was an artist's name with which I signed my drawings - today it is a brand with a philosophy and a thirst to create something special...